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Reduce Stress.

What does workplace behaviour mean to your organization?
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About Q Inc.

Q Inc does more than consult, we actively partner with employees and management, through Human Resources and Occupational Health to find creative ways to:

• Reduce long and short term disability costs
• Manage workplace trauma and other unexpected events
• Support a respectful workplace, free from all forms of workplace violence,
• Enhance overall employee well-being by providing results-based counselling services, educational programming and management consultation.


Based in Toronto, and leveraging an extensive network of seasoned mental health professionals throughout Canada, we are committed to reducing the costs associated with negative or unproductive workplace conduct such as:

• absenteeism
• decreased productivity,
• trauma, and workplace violence
• behavioral risk concerns,
• Interpersonal conflict,
• workplace change,
• occupational mental health concerns
• deteriorating labour-management relations, and
• health and safety issues associated with employee conduct.

Each of these can erode your bottom line and tarnish your reputation. By applying a clear and practical plan, Q Inc. can help you overcome these obstacles.